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Pictures with news value

Hi everybody,Following question got stuck in my head? What about pictures with a certain news value? Will something that is all over the news be noticed on DT?Ok, first let me clarify something: I live in Belgium, a small European country known for beer, wafels and chocolates so, ... pictures with a news value on some "big" topic issomething rare.Secondly I'm no photojournalist but I might have something that is relevant to a current news item.This year, lot's of events... continue reading

Snow Photos-How to shoot so the snow is white!

I love shooting in the snow but found often my camera would want to make everything mid-toned creating images of gray snow, yuck!Here's is what I do to solve that.First, I frame my shot and focus. Then I zoom into a bright area of snow in the scene. Using my exposure compensation button, I dial in a value between +2/3 to +1 2/3 Exposure Value, depending on the brightness of the snow. Then I take a meter reading, remembering the settings, I switch to manual, and dial in the new shutter speed... continue reading

Add Your Dreamstime Photos to Your Own Videos to Increase Sales

If you are wanting to drive people to your Dreamstime images try providing video content for viewers and point people to your Dreamstime portfolio. Here's how:1. include some of your photos in videos that you make2. make sure there is good value to the viewer- not just an advertisement3. upload the video to a sharing site and include your Dreamstime link in the description of the video.Click here to view the video...The Pearl- A Concise History of British Columbia, Canada continue reading

The key is to monetize

I hope most of them would agree when I say Photography is not showing things as it is but to add the special touch to it wherein a normal photograph portrays what the eye behind the lens wants to see. This key differentiation is what an idea is. But wait however unique an idea is as long as it is not monetized its all gone in drain. I recently heard a great entrepreneur say that its not a ideator who creates a business but the person who is able to monetize it.I am sure if monetizing was not... continue reading

$3000 in sales

This innocent looking truck was the sale that pushed me over the $3000 in sales.While it is a simple enough thing, and it could be just another sale, it is the level of the sale that sets Dreamstime apart. This is a level 4 sale. That means it has sold between 25 - 49 times. What is important about this for contributors is that the more times the image sells, the greater the value of the image becomes.Further to this, not long after that sale, I got another. "Changing Business Conditions"... continue reading

Value of Keywording

Keywording may be the bain of Microstock photography.Photographers enjoy taking the pictures, uploading to sites may be lengthy, however using FTP can help expedite the process, but keywording is just brain taxing hardwork!The intent of this article, though, is to show, if you take the time to keyword properly, it WILL pay of in increased exposure and sales in the end!Here's an example:Photo #1Both images show a child playing with dogs on the beach.The photos have many similarities:... continue reading

One big step back, two little steps forward

In the earlier post from 28th May titled „My first download with EL!” I've told you that my image, which shows transition between CMYK and RGB colours, had been downloaded with EL.Just after a month from that moment I've received an information about customer refund, because of a mistake. My „big” step forward in discovering Dreamstime changed into one „big” step back.Now I can say that it was a little step forward too. It's just the other side of the coin, which realised me,... continue reading

Understanding the EV Compensation Button - TUTORIAL

HI guys!I'm back with a new tutorial! This time I'll explain the ins and outs of an often overlooked button on our camera: the EV compensation button. I explain what it is, how it works and when I use it.Check it out HERE.Have a great week!Yanik continue reading

Life is so much better

Well, my time in Iraq is drawing to a close.In less than a month, I will be back in the United States.In some ways I am happy.VERY HAPPY.I mean, I miss my family.I miss my dog.I miss my friends.The things that I am aprehensive about are the commercialism and the rat race that I don't have to deal with right now.I am not trying to keep up with the Jones'.I am not telling my kids that they can't have that great new toy that is on the commercials during their favorite show... continue reading

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