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First milestone reached.....100 uploads !

Hello everyone,Finally today I have reached my first milestone...I have 100 files online..This is my 100th illustration... A huge thanks to all the artists of Dreamstime for inspiring me with your delightful artworks...Cupcakes for everyone... Take a look at My Portfolio continue reading

Coloring vectors

Well, I like children so much. I'm a mother of two cute boys, who argue all the day, but I love them so much!And so, I like to work for children, I love children's world, with little animals, friends, toys and cute things.I'm creating a serie of coloring images for and about kids. And I've decided that the best way to make them useful for art buyers is to vectorize them all.And if you want to buy a black and white vector art from my portfolio, and you don't find eps file, send me a message,... continue reading

Post your illustrations to add to these collection

I invite you to suggest your illustrations for inclusion in my new collection.Only Vector IllustrationsDo you have own collections? Do you want to include some of my illustrations? continue reading

How to resolve open paths/vectors?

I don't understand what's this mean "open paths/vectors". And how to resolve this problem? continue reading

Retirement is the best

I retired, from a job I liked, at the end of October. I burned out after 21 years 12 to 16 hour days (this included a 3 hour round trip commute). Also working in an office is very restrictive.I have spent the time since my retirement cleaning house, learning to cook again, getting ready for the holidays, and playing with my grandkids. I have not done much photography in the last 8 months, but the bug has hit me big time.I want to thank Dreamstime for teaching me so much about the world of... continue reading

simple lines

We always wonder why our pictures don’t get sold but others have all the luck.When I first saw this picture I thought, “who would want to buy such a picture” I mean this gives an impression as if the lady is running with the basket trolley in an aisle in the supermarket. Nobody would like to do an advertisement showing that a lady has to sprint across with a basket trolley.But I was so wrong, when I saw that this picture has reached level 4 and downloaded 44 times!!The best way... continue reading

Creating art with open source vector software

continue reading

Making of objects with vector shapes

Sometimes I like to challenge myself and try to create simple work on a hard way.But then I'm learning useful technique and create patient person from myself.What you agree is must have if you work with 2d and 3d graphics particularly.It is a challenge for meto create masterpiece with simple tools.In 3d modeling you have polygons or nurbs curves.You create shape,then give your object the materials and textures,and create your testing image renderings.For large resolution renderings from 3100x2200px... continue reading

How to convert Rastors into Vectors using Photoshop

I really want to start incorporating 'real' vectors into my portfolio. With research I am starting to understand the differences between rastor files and vectors.1- "Raster files, or bitmaps, utilize pixels to create an image. This is good for image color but causes distortion when changing the file size of a graphic."2-"Vector image files rely on paths to create an image. Since paths are numerically based, these files do not distort upon resizing and are ideal for text and other images in... continue reading

Best Selling Illustrations and Vectors on Dreamstime in 2010

CALLING ALL GRAPHIC DESIGNERS WHO SELL IMAGES ON DREAMSTIMEI want to put together a Collection of the best selling illustrations and vector drawing on Dreamstime for this year 2010.So please let me have your best, maximum of three image numbers and I'll add them to the collection.Thank you for your help in doing this. continue reading

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