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>  I like to see that my most viewed and also my most downloaded pictures are ones that I am fond of. Its cool to see that people have similar tastes in what is considered a special image. Whats your most viewed image and do you like it also?Cheers! Ratio almost up to 75% again! continue reading

Most viewed doesn´t mean most successful

There is quite big gap among the most viewed images and the most successful ones. My most viewed photo has almost 5000 views and only 1 download. The 4th most viewed with 2700 views has no download.On the other hand the most successful photo has 7 downloads at 438 views. And similar it´s with the next ones.It seems that when you have photo with lots of views and lack of downloads, it will never become one of the most popular. More important is, how quickly can be soled. continue reading

An idea to help us ecah other to give visibility to non viewed images

Hi wall!I had this idea, which I shared with some friends and fellow photographers in FB and I have thought to put it here, if anyone is interested.The idea is the next:I have thought that we all could help each other to promote our less visible pics by adding into our collections. For example, I have a glass of milk, if someone has a food or drinks collection could ad ot it, I have a objects isolated in black or white collection, if you have objects with no views I can add them. Just tell... continue reading

Keywords of viewed pictures in portfolio

First of all hi to every one!This is my first post and comes out from the idea of knowing, like happens for the pictures sold, the keyword that led to view the photos of my portfolio.For example these are mine most viewed picture, and I'm quite curious to know why they are.Let me know what do you think about this! continue reading

My most viewed files with less DL, are they so bad?

Should I put them for free? or just leave and wait for sales?I woukd like to make a bit promotion of my more viewed files with less downloads and if someone is interested in them maybe wants to buy or if someone can give me advice to improve them and re upload ;)well, let's begin!!Grey cat, one of my first uploads, uploaded on september 2006, 400 views and 1 download! wow, I won't put it for free bacause of that single upload, if they were at 0 I would offer for free. I suppose there... continue reading

Why this picture have been viewed so much?

Why this picture have been viewed so much, I totally confused. It just onlined for two days and had been viewed more than 60 times.It is cup with chinese traditonal design, My dad used it to drink tea every day, I feel it is beautiful so I picture it, it is a common things, many chinese family owned that one.Is it so attractive or something else? continue reading

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