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An illustrated virtual guide to Gargano in Apulia (south of Italy)

My microstock photography is often about travel in my beautiful country, so why do not start a blog about the marvellous destinations that my country has to offer? I start with something I really know, something I really love and something I really shooted thousands of times in my life: even if I live in a different italian region (Emilia Romagna in the cold north) the place I call "my second home" is the charming italian Gargano area, part of the biggest south italy region:... continue reading

Creating a VIRTUAL Photography Studio

Photographers who begin to dabble on online stock usually start with generic images from around where they live and vacation snapshots. Then they may begin to do simple commercial concepts such as photographing a calculator, pencil, and a piece of paper on their kitchen table. If they study the business they'll begin to realize the real money is with concise concepts with a strong focus on a specific theme.The problem is the advanced stock imagery requires a photography studio or access to various... continue reading

Wildlife Photography: Virtual Amputation

Occasionally, folks ask me to critique their images; one of the most common problems I encounter is Virtual Amputation.When we photograph people, unless we are specifically looking to achieve a certain focus, it is generally a poor idea to cut off the person in the middle of their limbs.We have all seen the wedding photos taken by amateurs that have everyone's face in the middle of the image but the lower legs are cut off at the knees.Pretty much, the same unwritten rules apply to animals.... continue reading

Need to be NORMALLY Materialistic

Ages n' Ages we have been taught by our religions and spiritual gurus to be away from the materialistic world and into our souls. Get away from attachments, desires and just think about god to attain Moksha. For some reason I am realizing that getting materialistic is now become one of the steps towards god. Most of us have become dependent and insanely attached to technology in the digital for and internet which is all virtual. Just some major technical setback or a terrorist attack technically and... continue reading

Virtual trip to Guinea-Bissau

One of my recent projects was with a client from Guinea-Bissau...As an ex Portuguese colony, the main language of Guinea-Bissau is Portuguese...My client is one of those immigrants who initiated some services to help his community...I had the pleasure to meet him & do his logo with a simple website to introduce his services to the people of Guinea-Bissau in Portugal & eventually to the people of Guinea-Bissau as well.Of course I didn't forget to include some of DT images for the special... continue reading

3d renders - illustrations?

OK, it's my first blog and not sure about protocol so any images are my own...It seems strange to me that images created with 3d rendering tools are classed as illustrations when, really, we are talking about setting up an image in a very similar way to a photographer in studio, setting up lighting, choosing a lens and taking a picture. The only difference is that the camera, lights and subject are virtual (and "exposure" can take hours :)). Unless we make the models (as above), and, speaking... continue reading

Changing social fabric

After a bunch of blogs related to photography, I thought I'd try my hand at something else.And as the new assignment is “Communication”, what better subject?Humans have an innate need for communication, and every time there is a new method of doing so people flock to it.I'm actually becoming rather fascinated by the phenomena of on-line "social" networks.But I’m wondering whether all this is going to induce any changes in society at large?In the past, I must admit I have been rather... continue reading

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