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Wait on it!

Monday, 10:35 AM - As I came up to the pond where I regularly go birding, this gorgeous Great Blue Heron was perched upon a duck breeding box at the far end of the pond. Normally, he is too skittish to sit out on the open pond so close to buildings. I knew he probably wouldn’t sit there long, and if I was patient, I might get a flight shot as he took to the air. My hope was that when this heron left his perch, he’d fly to a nearby pond behind me. So I positioned myself in the shade right in the... continue reading

My 1st one dozen upload accept wait for reach 50 now

Hi@ all user from Dreamstime i want to thanks DT cause my 1st dozen photo accept and now online with 0 sale.Wating for next milestone 50 online.I invite all of you please check my portfolio and share your views ,please suggest me how to improve my portfolio how to get my 1st sale.Now my Portfolio exposure: 0.01% , Uploaded files: 12 , and 13.2% is my approval ratio.Please help me to share your views as i am new so i know well sales and ratio depends upon quality of photo.Also i... continue reading

Waiting in hope (my son's first haircut)

To gaze at little locks of hairKnowing that its a treasure only gods may keepFleeting from me foreverI cannot, when I wish to keepI weep withinMowing the tender tressesA blade that could gnaw my heartBut...They will returnThey will emergeThey will come backThey will riseI will wait...LikeA farmer among his seedlingsThe harvest waiting for rainA child waiting for his lullabyA night waiting for the moonThey will come quicklyLike the promise of a morning... continue reading

Images I can't wait to sell

The following images from my portfolio have tons of views but no sales.They sit in my list of most viewed images and stick out like a sore thumb!Either they just simply stink, or they have great keywords but are not exactly what people are looking for when they come across them.One thing is for certain - views do not necessarily translate into sales.Sales are truly the only indication of a great micro stock shot.Here are my sore thumbs:All on my top page ranked by views.... continue reading

Can't wait to get your opinion

As an enthusiastic beginner I want your opinion on my 2nd and 3rd accepted files to this site.What do you think? continue reading

Waiting for Sales

One of the mistakes newbies make (I know because I was once one myself), is thinking that they have the greatest stock photograph ever, upload it, sit back and wait for the sales to pour in.Its like waiting for the phone to ring to tell you that you've won a contest.Well, the stock game doesn't work that way.First off an image takes time to get into the search engines.Then it takes a while for the image to be seen among the millions of other images offered for sale.Even if a buyer likes... continue reading

Worth the wait

This is for all of you DT newbies that are wondering if all of this is actually worth it.When you first start out you upload image after image only to watch your acceptance ratio tank while you try to figure out what the editors will accept.You may start to get a sale or two but nothing you can put in the bank.So you have to dig deep in order to keep forward momentum and not just forget about micro stock all together.To say that there are ups and downs in this industry is an understatement.... continue reading


I've been uploading more images but the wait is killing me! I'm waiting on about 40 images and I'm hoping that at least 5 get accepted. I no 5 out of 40 doesn't seem like a lot but I want to set a reasonable goal. Anything extra will be a bonus. I currently have one download which pumped me up considering I only have 2 uploads. I hoping for a little more success now that I have started the Dreamstime Dream again. Wish me luck and best of luck to all who read this and are on Dreamstime. continue reading

It’s Not Just a Job….It’s , Oh Wait It IS A JOB!

How to deal with burn-out….Hi everyone…miss me?There comes that day when all the fire and fun, just goes. For me, it came last week after I came home from a cruise to Alaska with seven folders of photos to process.I was so excited when I took them and chimped them (reviewing on the back of the camera while pursing lips like a chimpanzee….) and then I got home, the party was over and……….crapola. I have a couple THOUSAND pictures to edit.I could care less. (Except maybe for... continue reading

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (and Keep Uploading)

Have you been waiting forever for that first ever download?Or perhaps you've been stuck with download number 10 or even 100.Maybe some of your photos just haven't been downloaded at all. Do you feel like throwing in the towel?Sometimes, perhaps often, things just don't move as quickly as we want them to.And this can really get us down; No, not downloaded, d-o-w-n :)But that is just the way life is.Things take time, and good things take lots of time.Good things like getting to 1,000... continue reading

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