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Waiting for ... 300 uploads ...

Waiting for ... 300 uploads ...I want to thank my new friends and fellow travelers on Dreamstime. Thanks for the advice that I have yet to be implemented. ;-)very interesting!Good morning ... world! continue reading

waiting waiting for my pictures to be online........

hi everyone,im new in Dreamstime, i was very happy when they accept and put online the first photo i sent, and was more happy when i saw the first viewer :)all of you are happy with sells , and me with viewers cose as new member .soon, i will check too the sells only :)i have question for you:i upload 25 new pictures from 26 october and right now still waiting, the first pictures are in 34 hours of wait right now, and time is like stop when i check or i put new photos, i see the time its... continue reading

Waiting for my first sale

I wonder how much time it takes to get the first sale. Right know I have 10 uploads and 0 sales continue reading

waiting for 200th shopper!

continue reading

Waiting for an outcome ...(the importance of EPS)

I'm waiting to know if my eps file will be approved or not by dreamstime.Unfortunately, I know it takes a long time, because those files are to be tested to see that they are editable.The importance of eps is fundamental, I think, in dreamstime. Seeing the general demands of the market, in fact, these files can I open a new world in sales .... not to mention the fact that I noticed that all the illustrators who sell several images regularly charge the eps.I took this decision (to load the... continue reading

Waiting for Sales

One of the mistakes newbies make (I know because I was once one myself), is thinking that they have the greatest stock photograph ever, upload it, sit back and wait for the sales to pour in.Its like waiting for the phone to ring to tell you that you've won a contest.Well, the stock game doesn't work that way.First off an image takes time to get into the search engines.Then it takes a while for the image to be seen among the millions of other images offered for sale.Even if a buyer likes... continue reading

Pending images

6 of may images have been pending since 19.06. That day I uploaded 1 more and it was accepted. So why the other have been pending for 2 weeks?Most of them are editorials taken in Sardinia. It is really frustrating. What is going on with DT? continue reading

Keep in the loop

Uploading images and then waiting in line for the review for seven or eight days can be frustrating. Something you'll want to keep from doing because it can limit the amount of time you have to get sesonal shots done is waiting to upload new images until the old ones get reviewed.Get a routine set up and stick to it. The editors are doing there job so that we can do ours. So why sit around and wait for a review when you could be maximizing your time behind the camera getting the next batch ready.... continue reading

Waiting for a real winter.

This year winter in Gdansk, Poland is light and heat. I do not like this aura. Everywhere mud and gray. People sneeze sneak in a hurry. Almost no one is walking. It is hard for a good subject to photograph the urban landscape.I am looking out the winter such as in 2010.People walked along the river Motlawa.Frost squeezed so hard that you could walk on the frozen canal. Directly in front of famous Gdansk Crane.Such a winter like this in 2010 I love. Despite the cold,... continue reading


I've been uploading more images but the wait is killing me! I'm waiting on about 40 images and I'm hoping that at least 5 get accepted. I no 5 out of 40 doesn't seem like a lot but I want to set a reasonable goal. Anything extra will be a bonus. I currently have one download which pumped me up considering I only have 2 uploads. I hoping for a little more success now that I have started the Dreamstime Dream again. Wish me luck and best of luck to all who read this and are on Dreamstime. continue reading

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