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Two Weeks Later

It's been almost two weeks since I made my first upload and I have 14 approved photos. With an approval rating of 100%! Which in some ways is fantastic, but in other ways it will make that first rejection much more powerful. I am very particular about the quality of my work, which I think translates into that statistic.I have only uploaded about half the number of photos that I intended to in this time. But they have all been the ones I am most proud of out of each session and hopefully that will... continue reading

32 images accepted in 3 weeks from my registration

Hey guys, I'm in the third week of entry in dreamstime with my 32 images accepted, so far all commercial images.Yesterday, I brought my first editorial image!The world of microstock is still very unknown for me and I hope to reach at least 100 images within the next month. I'll make it?  continue reading

3 milestones for 2 weeks

I passed three important milestones for last 2 weeks:1) 2000th $ in my pocket coming from DT (August 22nd).2) 1000th day with DT (August 24th).3) 1000th sale (2nd Sept, right away).Is not it a good chance to say me: "Great, Igor! You are brave! Congratulations!!!"? :-) continue reading

Thanks dreamstime, sold 3 photos in 2 weeks.

Just wanted to say thanks to the editors of dreamstime for accepting my photos and made 3 sales in 2 weeks, although not so much money but I am happy to be able to share my photos with the world! Thanks everyone!I'm really having fun here at dreamstime. Most of my pics are taken in my backyard in Indonesia, I hope those places will still be beautiful so that landscape lovers could enjoy taking beautiful photos of Wild Indonesia.Thanks for the kind words and comments, sorry if I do not reply asap,... continue reading

Only 2 weeks on here.

well after only 2 weeks of trying DT iv sold 3 photos and have 47 on line. im very happy, all i wanted to do was sell just one, but think that now im hooked.i must say that iv read a lot on here about people being upset but the subscription sales only making .42c but i think its worse when your first ever sale is .24c credit sale. i did feel a bit silly when i told a friend and he asked how much i sold it for. i didnt wont to tell him i was happy about selling my photo for so little.would... continue reading

From BME to bust in 2 short weeks

Last month was my BME in terms of sales and revenue so I ended the month on a high.Two weeks later I am once again holding my head in my hands as my sales have disappeared.Oh the ups and downs of the business.Hopefully the second half of the month will make up for the slump. continue reading

Two weeks already

My experience of contributor has only two weeks’ time.In this short period, I submitted 41 accepted pictures, 14 rejected, 9 pending by today and no sale yet. I learned from the rejection of what DT wanted as pictures and what DT don't want as picture in their database.The given reasons are objectives and justified for all my rejected pictures until today.I browsed the database and had seen that there is not a lot of picture list on DT regarding "clingendael" Japanese Garden. So, I went... continue reading

Bad few weeks, but on the up.

As some of you will know I have been recorvering from an operation and have been totaly out of the photography arena for a couple of months.Good news is I am finaly on the mend and should be able to get hold of my camera in the next few weeks, just with some small lenses, and get shooting again.While I have been out of it my time has not been completely wasted as I have been researching a lot and have also made some very good contacts in the book market.... continue reading

Starting out..2 weeks in.

2 weeks in....such a learning curve....First attempt at a Blog,thought I would share my thoughts.20 pending photos,1 uploaded,I think 8 refused.First lesson was navigating the site,and thankyou for all the help you guys have given in your blogs forum ect.Im still finding my way about,but enjoying every second.Atfirst I didn't click with the keep uploading,then the penny dropped after listening to you.So Im uploading everyday even if its just one.The advice given on here is terrific,and Im... continue reading

My Menorah picture..

Just online for less than 2 weeks, now already got 7 downloads with only 21 views. Originally, there was no light. I added the lighting effect by using photoshop. Thanks for powerful photoshop software! continue reading

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