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Final Exposure

This is a self-marketing blog in the hopes of bringing a last-chance exposure to a few of my old files. I really like them but they're not selling and already got or will soon get the notice of 1 month before becoming free/re-keyworded/disabled.I'm leaning towards re-keywording if they don't get a download before their time is due as I really like them and want them to remain in my portfolio here! They remind me of some good old days :) continue reading

No uploads, no sales

Once again my fellow DT-ers were right.One month of zero uploads to DT (due to a vacation) had zero salesas a result.I better stop writing this blog and start uploading.........regards, continue reading

Zero Views

Most of my images seem to get 25 - 50 views rather quickly.This image has zero views despite being live for a few weeks and being (I think) an popular subject.Its a ferris wheel at a local country fair (Cornish NH), right before a big thunderstorm moved in.Anyone else have problems with specific photographs that don't seem to get viewed? continue reading

Wow..What a drop !!!

My sales are zero from 08/05/2011.I had 2 sales from the start of the month: 1 sub and 1 credit.With 202 photos online you will think that sales are becoming steady but in fact i guess my photos are useless for stock.The bad thing is that i don't know what to do next.Im run out of ideas.Any advices? continue reading

What is zero level??

Hi folks!I've got some strange sale - it is marked as Zero level. I know about 5 DT levels... but all my pics start from #1. Does anybody know what zero level mean?? -maybe I've missed some info?- continue reading

Why zero view?

I noticed that I have only one image with zero view.. It was online for 10 days. I personally like this image, I have a feeling this image can sale well, but Why still zero view.. this is out of my expectation..May be the time is not right, If I am not wrong, now is spring season in USbut not autumn.. This is the only reason I think. :)Or may be is my key wording..Anyway, I want to show you this image, and if you like it, just click on it to break the "Zero". Thanks!;) continue reading

Take the plunge … it costs zip, zero, nada, nothing

For far too long I have been saying to myself, come one … try and isolate a few images that you can offer up into the freebies.I've read many a posting for and against, I gotta say I somewhat torn between the two schools of thought on this subject matter.But what I have to remember, probably we should all have to remember that at the end of the day if the item has been in your library for over a year, and not made a sale, at the end of the day … what are you loosing by offering it up as... continue reading

A memorandum for the Zero breakthrough

There are 49 photos have been approved since March 26, the day I joined DT. And finally,Ifound,one of the photoes has been downloaded! What a wonderful moment! It is really excited and gratified to achieve the great great zero breakthrough! After the photoes have been used by others, I am no longer just a lonely photographer, but a photographer able to provide services!I will keep making efforts to study, and keep taking more good photoes to uploaded to DT. Sincerely expecting your supports!... continue reading

Who Needs a Hen Coop???

I just found this lovely pictureI love it so much, it has nice colors, but surprisingly it has no sales at all. Amazingly the same contributor has an egg's picture with zero salesDo not we need anymore hen coops and eggs? continue reading

From zero to the minimum number with 2 digits

Ha,till today I get my tenth sales.Then i hope in the nearly future the sales number can reach the minimum number with 3 digits,100 :)Certainly, first of all,I must train meself to get more perfect photos to fit the designers on DT.And it will be my pleasure to see the DTers to share your interesting expriences^_^ continue reading

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