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I really like the new added little secret of how an image was found before being downloaded. Sometimes it makes me laugh, as I have showed in my last blog article... :), but mostly it helps to figure out how the buyers are looking an image.

I wish I could enter in their minds, maybe then I cold have more sold files :)))))

This time I want to show the most accurate search - keywords - download, pair I have. :)

search: seascape with boat and glittering of the sun

title of my photo: Seascape with boat, and glittering of the sun on the surface


The search provided just one image! :))))

Thank you, who ever you are, obviously we think in the same way!

And now...when I think better...where is my other photo with sea, boat and glittering it is glittering there ( you see I'm not spamming)

Photo credits: Jelena Popić.

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March 10, 2008


beautiful photos, excellent!!!

March 08, 2008


Very beautiful sea. Like very much!

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