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My memories as a human being start with me with blue socks and a very big and creamy stuff over my knees. I could'n find here a photo with a blonde, blue eyes girl with a birthday cake on her knees and since I'm not allowed to scan mine, I've used one with a 2 years birthday candle and another one with the precious baby that I was.

Than, as I grew older I started fighting with my cousin over every little thing posible: No, we are not black either, but I couldn't find one with a girl and a boy fighting over some toy.

As my brother appeared on this world things between me and my cousin started to calm down.

Instead I was fighting with my brother and, guess what! he is always end up winning... because he was starting to cry without even me getting to touch him.

Than, as a present for being a good girl in school, my father bought me a red bicycle.

Now I am to choose between the photo on the left and the photo on the right, because I was older than the girl in the first photo, just as the girl from the second one, but she doesn't have a red bike.

Than I become a teenager. And like every teenage girl,

I started dating with a rocker boy with long blode curls and we were spending all our time riding bikes all around the city. Unfortunately we didnt make it official.

© Tadija
Than I started college in Bucharest and started living in a student campus, in a room with a lot less comfort as the one I had at home: I didn't have a laptop on that time, but I was already tired of searching a bad looking dormitory room with an annoyed girl.

© Mimal
The beauty part started when I began working as a travel guide. No!!! I was not wearing glases and I was having a big group of people behind me.

Am I doing the searchings wrong?

Photo credits: Kim Reinick, Richard Nelson, Sandamali Fernando, Ijansempoi, Justforever, Mark Hryciw, Mikhail Malyshev, Monkey Business Images, Nostal6ie, Tadija Savic, Patricia Marks.

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January 15, 2009


Your welcome, hope it helps.

January 15, 2009


Thank you very much :)

January 15, 2009


Hi Roxana, seems as though searches dont help sometimes and I am sure there are loads of images out there that you did not even get to see because of the huge number to look through. If I am reading this correct, and you feel the images you search for are not coming up, why not try submit a photo request section of the message boards? There you can describe the exact criteria you are looking for in an image, and if one of the submitters has the image in their portfolio, they will post it?

You can access the photo request section here

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