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hello everyone,

this is more aimed at noobs or people who may not be so familiar with the search tab and content filter.i have recently learned that pulling my hair out and banging my head against the monitor is not an ideal solution to not being able to find my own recently uploaded images. the problem was i uploaded some new images (with a bit of nudity) and was stressed out 1 week later when i found that my images were not showing up in my own i tried searching using my own keywords that i had used for my images and only one out of the 3 was showing up.i was contacting Dreamstime and explaining they were not being found and they replied everything was ok.

hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm so i blamed my end of the problem and it turned out that when my content filter (which is to the right of the search bar) was switched off my images were showing up!so lesson learned, try this if you experience any personal searching problems and check that you do not make the same mistake.if this or anything similar has happened to you, why not comment here for the new guys and gals :) hope this is a help to anyone reading :)

Photo credits: Stefanie Leuker.

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