Seasonal submission dates

Halloween make-up

When do you usually submit your photos for seasonal events? Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's day, Easter? Summer, Winter, Fall shots? Snow, fallen leaves, beach shots?

Little christmas children

I usually do this 3 to 6 months before the event/season. I started submitting fall shots in may. I submitted my halloween shots in late august which might be a bit too late. I started submitting snow/winter shots in the middle of july and finally submitted my first christmas shots 2 weeks ago.

Girl in the snow

Am I late or early? Good question. I would like to hear what people things about that and what do you usually do.


Photo credits: Eric Cote.
  • Talanis
  • Sherbrooke, Canada
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September 17, 2008

Good blog, well I would look at it how the retail world does. When you see those items on the shelves at stores I would think that is also the same time stock would be selling. So I would think right now Halloween and Fall images would be increasing in sales.


September 14, 2008

Seasonal shots, like winter scenes, beaches, etc are always in demand do to the shape of the Earth. =) As far as holiday events go, I'm still fine-tuning this myself. I like to start months in advance, and not stop until a couple months after the holiday has past. I also overlap holiday shootings. Why? Some people need the shots closer to the holiday, some need them a few months before the holiday, and some need to start their next Christmas shots (for example) shortly after the holiday has past. I try to keep it mixed up with seasonal and holiday shots flowing into my portfolio throughout the year.