Second opinion

Usually I accept rejections without a word and only learning from them for the next time. But one rejection I couldn't accept and send a message to the editors "photo was rejected for "Image is out of focus or too much of the subject is out of focus (DOF too shallow or DOF not justified) / Image is shaken. Use a faster speed or a tripod. Please check the files at 100% zoom before submitting them. "

The image is not out of focus and the DOF is not shallow I did not used fast shutter to emphasize the train speed I think the rejection is not right.

Please check again the rejection".

As a result I got a mail from the editors to upload the picture again and after few days it was accepted and after two more weeks it was sold.

So my advices to you, if you are sure that your picture is picture with potential for sales do not hesitate to ask for second opinion.


Photo credits: Yoav Sinai.

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Today, it is another proof that If you have strong composition and the editor seems to don't like it like this one

 St Paul Church, Malacca, Malaysia 

which was rejected for having a bad composition, you have to contact the editor and explain your process of why you shoot the picture at this angle.

Now the picture has already two sales ;)


Thanks for sharing. I thought that I am the only one who annoy DT editor with my requests for second review. Most of the time I did it when my picture is rejected for "... we are not looking for..." Then I start to browse the database and point out that it is not fare to reject mine by giving the similar picture and my point of view to defend my version to the editor. I am going to submit my long time rejected picture similar to this one

 Windmill Malacca   Malacca Dutch Heritage Garden 

which had sale! Wait and see.


I am the same, i accept the rejections, but there were some that i disagreed with! I will try submitting again. Thanks!


I don't complain aout rejections either. I've had several i wanted to send again. Now maybe i will.
Anyway your train photo is fantastic.


I really like this picture! Good work!


Godd to know, thanks for your advice


Yoav, that's the way to do it...! (Kol Hakavod)


Your advice is very good one. I always act like this...


Your shot is nice indeed. Thanks for advice.

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