Security in the blog world

Eons ago (OK only 6 years ago then) I used to work in the IT Security domain. People thought of me as "the policeman". It was a most irritating label, because that was only a tiny part of the job. The biggest challenge was trying to make sure no one "broke into the house", and that meant staying ahead of the game. It also means covering ALL the bases... think about it, the so-called "bad guys" need to find only one entry point, the "white hats" have to make sure that every potential weakness is covered. People say there is no such thing as a 100% secure system. I always laugh at that and reply "Yes there is. Disconnect your computer from any sort of network, turn off the machine, put it in a safe, lock it in the vault, and then throw the key in the Atlantic". Problem is that no one can use the damn machine, so it's value is zero. And that's the real trick to IT security (or any security for that matter)... finding the balance beween usability and safety. It isn't easy.

Anyway, I saw this article on the BBC website ( Bloggers battered by viral storm) and thought this looks interesting, especially as blogging is taking off here on DT, and that more and more recent blogs contain links to external sites. It's just a caution... people always think "It ain't going to happen to me..." Ummm, wrong... Lady Luck is a very fickle mistress indeed... live your life on the edge and sooner or later you'll fall off...

Photo credits: Melissa King.

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