Seeing faces everywhere

There is one kind of photography that i like doing that isn't really suited for stock photography.

Then again i like taking pictures, and i take pictures when i feel like it.

In any case, one thing i do to make it even more fun is add small stories or thoughts to some things that i take photos of.

For example taking photos of things that are one thing but may look like something else.

Like put a voice to a single number or a letter of the alphabet (i mean think how they would sound if they had a voice in the literal sense)

Or how an electrical outlet would sound, since when upside down looks like a face.

Like OMG outlet

So what do you think about when taking your photos?

Photo credits: George Panayiotou.

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September 09, 2012


@Angela Thanks :D
I really like it when i find this like that.

September 08, 2012


Great way of seeing the world in a creative way!

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