Seeing through the camera

Taking pictures not only involve looking and shooting.

When we are experiencing a certain place space or object, not only our vision is stimulated; all our senses are; so when the photo is taken one may think that a great photo has been shot, but in reality it may be a corny boring shot void of all senses that we had experienced.

A shot should be analysed in terms of color values and clarity of the subject.

To shoot a tree having the same light source as the mountain behind; flatness will dominate.

Avoid seeing your subject through the camera as you see it through your senses.


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March 27, 2010


You should definitely increase your blogging activity. I enjoyed reading this one :)

March 21, 2010


Thanks for sharing! Nice image.

March 21, 2010


I agree with you! Thanks for sharing! :)

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