Seeking advice from experienced users.

I am new to Dreamstime and this I have not completely set, for that I apologize because for now this blog is a bit poor:)

Thank you for visiting, and we greatly appreciate some advice from experienced users on Dreamstime.

Photo credits: Artelis.

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January 11, 2010


Yes, keep uploading, but be selective. I learned the hard way and went crazy the first few months I was a member. That really hurt my acceptance ratio (I uploaded dozens of photos, but I can count on my fingers how many got accepted). Now, my monthly acceptance ratio is much higher, but I am still recovering. My advice is to upload cautiously to see what DT does and doesn't accept. Now I can almost always look at a picture and say whether it will get accepted (though I do take chances sometimes, still).

There are also some great pics that will be refused because they are not unique enough. Search photos on DT before uploading. Try to get a new perspective or concept in your photo.

Hope that helps. Have fun!


January 10, 2010


Thanks guys for your support and congratulations for your work.
May you always have more success!

January 10, 2010


Welcome on DT!I like your illustrations and wish you luck with them:)

January 09, 2010


Your illustrations are lovey, keep on uploading more pics your sale rate will definitely increase.

January 09, 2010


Welcome to DT Elis, for you to learn what microstock is all about & specially DT... I advise you to take care of choosing the title, keywords & description. Read some blogs & message boards about issues of your concern.
To see what sells more & what is microstock oriented, take a look at some portfolios of high ranked photographers... Play the game on your free time it's pretty fun & addictive :) Also explore the site with the latest downloads, additions & assignments. Best of luck! Cheers ;)

January 09, 2010


Hi Elis! Nice start so far: keep uploading and you'll surely have good results. Bye, Rob.

January 09, 2010


nice illustration congrats! I must say that illustrations sell way better than photos! keep up :)