Seeking the Muse

As a cover artist and even as an author who creates my own cover art, the most difficult task of seeking just the right image in the piles of fabulous stock photos is finding that one that jumps out. I love drama, creative use of light and perspective, but most of all, I have to find that one special picture that, through the magic of coincidence, a photographer has somehow managed to capture my or another author's muse.

I don't know how this happens. It must be fate. There's no other way to describe it. Sometimes I have the cover image in my head, all planned out. This is a terrible twist of fate because this is when O just can't find the exact photo I need. The best covers come from a general idea and creative splicing or recolorization.

I'm thankful for the photos that have models isolated. more often than not, I need to put that figure against a forest, a bedroom, a castle, even a desert setting. Saves me so much trouble cropping.

Finding the muse becomes an arduous task of late when my dear authors imagine a striking hero with long, lustrous hair and a chiseled Fabio-esque body. More of those please.

And historical westerns, oh my. Where are the chiseled, bad boy cowboys and strong-willed cowgirls riding the range? This genre is making a comeback in romance and erotic romance. More please, oh pleeeease more. An old fashioned western town background even... What I wouldn't give for period well-dressed gamblers and saloon gals.

M/M erotic romance is in sore need of some sensual males. That dark look, the tension, the desire, where oh where are those lusty male models? More, more.

Multiple partner erotic romance--ugh. Need I say more? Cut and paste, cut and paste, cut and paste, adjust the lighting and hope it doesn't look as though it was cut and pasted! More pics of more than two in a relationship would rock.

If you write, you know some of these muses demands are a bit whacked. Fantasy is tops for things that just cannot be. The dragon shifter man with the foreboding look and mane of auburn hair, fair skin, six pack abs and well, it's just difficult to find.

I sought a human model to recreate as a stone goddess. She came out rather shiny, but finally worked. Hard work sometimes to match a vision with, well, a cover.

So thank you to all the photographers out there providing the paint for my virtual canvas. You make my life easier and my work much more fun. If you see a hot long haired guy, for goodness sake, put up 30 pics of him in various poses.

Anastasia Rabiyah

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Photo credits: Msphotographic.

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