Self promoting my newest!!!

Mermaid bride (woman in bridal gown in the sea)

This article is addressed to all DT members (contributors and designers) and has only one purpose: to promote my newest images .

Love and passion (newlyweds couple love hold)

Seashore wedding (newlyweds couple in the sea)

This is a set of images I shot this summer, with a couple of models that deserve all of my appreciation for their work and commitment: a couple of newlyweds who accepted my crazy ideas and exceeded my expectations.


Happy newlyweds

I must say, all modesty aside, I'm very proud of these pictures and that's the reason I decided to kind of brag about them through this blog article.

Ocean groom (man in shirt laughing in sea water)

Bride (beautiful woman in bridal gown with veil)

I love shooting couples and try to let them be themselves so that I can capture those true feelings connecting them! This couple I must say, surprised me more than just a few times with the love and passion they have for each-other, the true happiness and good vibes that they spread.

Neptune (groom portrait - man in shirt in the sea)

Bridal kiss (newlyweds couple kissing in the sea)

I really hope you'll like these images (to say the least, actually I'm hoping you'll fall in-love with them) and if you have any, give me some other ideas for such photos!

Bride kiss (newlyweds couple love hold)

Enjoy!! And keep watching me these days cause there's more to come (still pending)!!

Photo credits: Andra Mohorea.
Andra Mohorea
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I have a request to all designers that will buy some of my images : let me know where I can find them along with your work! Thanks!!
Also a special "thanks" to all those who appreciate my work!

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December 17, 2009

Very beautiful shoots! I'm sure soon you'll have sales :)


December 16, 2009

Very nice moments captured in these images, I am sure the happy couple loved them.


December 16, 2009

great promotion and great images!


December 16, 2009

Very nice shots! I hope these do well for you :0)


December 16, 2009

I love your photos


December 16, 2009

Nice shots indeed! The photos show the happiness & the great mood they had... Congratulations ;)
I can suggest the classical poses like running toward each other, jumping in the water together... The bridegroom holding the bride between his arms & making rounds in the water with big laugh from both!
Some imaginations I have :)))