Sell the rights

I am just thinking of enabling the SR-EL feature for some of my images.

Before I do so I would like to discuss some questions with you.

First: Is it a good idea for a part-timer (name it: hobbyist) like me to enable the SR-feature in general?

Second: What is the right price for "sell the rights"? The recommended amount or a higher/lower one?

Third: Does it make sense to have the same price for SR-EL1, SR-EL3 and SR-EL?

My answers to this questions are:

First: I think, one SR-sale (regardless if SR-EL, SR-EL1, SR-EL3) will earn me more money than any given image will bring via the other licenses for a long time. On the other hand, after a SR-EL sale the given image won't bring any earnings forever.

Second: I don't have any clue on formation on prices or how much any given image is worth.

Third: From a buyers point of view I would ask me why I should pay the same amount of money for an image, that I will own forever or only one respective three years. Or, with other words: if I am only allowed to use any given image for one or three years exclusively I would like to pay less than I would pay for an image that I can use forever in an exclusive manner.

Conclusion: SR makes sense generally, prices should differ between SR-EL, SR-EL1 and SR-EL3.

These are my thoughts, what are yours?

Photo credits: Cristalloid.

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enabled already


Prices DO differ between SR types.
1 year: 1/4 SR-EL price
3 years: 3/5 SR-EL price

If you should enable these options, that's a personal decision.
Good luck.

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