Sell the rights (SR-EL)

In one day I made 4 sales for this picture and the license: Sell the rights (SR-EL) --- me and rose from $ 750 to $ 2000$ ? I would like to know if this change in that instant I made many sales to imagine that? That is not me discomfort but I would like to know more on this license does not understand much.


Photo credits: Mills21.


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congrats for your sales and for your beautiful portfolio! remember, if you have your image also in other stock every time you sell the right of some of that, you must remove it from them!


First of all congrats for your sales! ;-)
SR-EL: if you go into Management Area --> Manage Extended Licenses you'll find Recommended prices, on the right under "Sell the rights" . This scheme shows you the price of the SR-EL proportionally to the sales.
You can manage all your licenses, included the SR-EL, depending on your choice.

I hope now it's clear. Bye, Rob.

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