Selling kit lens.

Let me tell you, I am kinda upset - I was going to sell my Pentax kit lens (18-55) for a decent price (less than the half of retail price), still no-one wanted it (auction site).

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I tried to set the price at the 1/3, added a UV filter, one offer has appeared.

What's the problem? Pentax's kit is widely known as a very good lens. I just don't need it anymore, 'cause I am buying another lens which covers the same area (and more)

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My thought is - everyone has the kit lens, you purchase it when buying a camera. And regardless the kit lens price when sold separately, offered by shops, the kit lens is the most difficult to sell at a decent price. I wonder if shops ever sell kit lenses separately...

I guess I will just not sell it after all. Maybe when my next camera body arrives some time soon, I will have a beginners' lens to that....

Photo credits: Konstantinos Kokkinis, Doconnell, Kiankhoon, Jan VanĨura.

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September 04, 2007


Bad reputation, yes, but not when talking about this pentax lens - it's really good, users say, I can second that.

I guess U R right - people seek for real bargains. Well, I am not going to part with this lens for some ridiculous money, I'd rather keep it in the bag.

The question remains - do shops ever really sell those kit lenses seperately? Who would have bought it for such a price when I can't sell it for half?

September 04, 2007


I'm thinking kit lenses have a bad reputation, even if they don't deserve it. You may also be right in that most people who purchased the camera already have the same lense, plus people are just really looking for a deal on those sites. I've noticed that sometimes prices climb just as high on items that start lower as they are on items that are already higher priced. The difference is people will bid on the lower price almost always, even if it's a few $$$ shipping less.

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