Selling kit lens.

Let me tell you, I am kinda upset - I was going to sell my Pentax kit lens (18-55) for a decent price (less than the half of retail price), still no-one wanted it (auction site).

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I tried to set the price at the 1/3, added a UV filter, one offer has appeared.

What's the problem? Pentax's kit is widely known as a very good lens. I just don't need it anymore, 'cause I am buying another lens which covers the same area (and more)

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My thought is - everyone has the kit lens, you purchase it when buying a camera. And regardless the kit lens price when sold separately, offered by shops, the kit lens is the most difficult to sell at a decent price. I wonder if shops ever sell kit lenses separately...

I guess I will just not sell it after all. Maybe when my next camera body arrives some time soon, I will have a beginners' lens to that....

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