Seperate elements or collections?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share this info with those who upload collections of vector elements or photos in one file. This concerns dreamstime agency the most. For example if you upload a collection of vector 3d web icons like this one

Think about a buyer who wants to buy only one element from this collection and he don't have vector editing software so he wants JPG version and the smallest size possible. For example one credit version (480x480 size). Instead of paying 1 credit he has to buy 5,6 or 7 credit version to make one element from this collection useful, because if he buys this collection for one credit separate elements is too small. For example this 3d rss icon i uploaded separated from other elements has more downloads than the whole collection. Summary of this post: always upload separate elements after you submit collection.


Photo credits: Robisklp.

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December 09, 2010


I don`t know if DT let you do that! First to make a collection on the same picture and then to upload them separately ! It sounds to me like a rejection so I won`t take the chance :P

December 09, 2010


Thanks for the article, you're right :)

December 08, 2010


Interesting finding.
Slightly off topic but I'm wondering about the watermark on the picture with many icons. A lot of the illustrations are actually not covered by it, could this be a problem?

December 08, 2010


Useful blog.

December 08, 2010


That's so relative! You made both versions. I prefer to have the 13 elements with out paying 13 credits. It's a competitive market, so we try to make many versions to reach buyer's taste. The example you have is one taste of many that buyers could have! Cheers ;)

December 08, 2010


You are right!

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