Seriously, how is Dreamstime's situation?

I've been asking myself this for a few months. Since April things started goind really bad here, but anyway I've never had great numbers on Dreamstime.

I'm writing this beacuse I realized that today, in 24 hours, on another agency (a good agency, not a crappy one) I've had more sales than on DT in two MONTHS.

One day vs two months. Is it all right for you? Not for me.

I think there's something really wrong. Even low tiers perform much better in terms of sales than DT for me.

If Dreamstime wanna be a top tier should think about this. I'm not a newbie, and my company manages to sell almost 100.000 images a year (and we started in january 18th 2011 as pros). Do you know how much of the total is DT? About 1,8%.

It's a pity that thing are going so bad here: I don't even consider DT anymore when i do statistics because it is nearly irrelevant.

We have put much effort into uploading here and we feel someway cheated. Personally, I'm really, really sad about this.

Are there any customers left anyway? It's a proper question.

Please be constructive while answering to this post. I keep thinking that there's something fishy going on against me and my company. 1,8% is just too ridicolously low compared to other agencies.

That's all folks, I hope this can be a civil discussion.

I leave you with a random image that I hope you enjoy.

Photo credits: MinervaStudio.

Your article must be written in English



Your quality image are really good and if you see the visualization for each of your images are good, but few sales. could be this is the point.


I find lots of my images are rejected on DT yet accepted on other sites with open arms especially the abstract design areas. I have been on DT since March of this year yet have only 110 images approved out of 35 submitted weekly with only 3 being sold.I wish I could have more accepted and sold as DT is a wonderful site for learning as I am only an amateur and DT has taught me so much I am very grateful.


Well Esinel, DT for me has never been what other agencies are, so no big deal, sales were bad before and are even worse now, but it's not a great problem.
What sucks is that I've been uploading with constance for a lot of time but to no avail.
Indeed I'm not uploading anymore, just a few every month just to keep my AR high (100%).


I have been experiencing the same drop in sales as Jan, Feb and March 2012 DT represented around 40% of my total sales, while in April, May, June and July 2012 sales have dropped and hardly reach 1% of all my sales! It's sad but DT is no longer what it used to be :(


I am usually having between 1 to 4 sales a day from my other 3 agencies (in total). Naturally, my portfolio is still very small. You can see for yourselves what I have here. Shame, really.


Are there any statements from DT? I'm pretty sure that the managers of DT have the numbers, so
would you please be so kind to tell us what's going on here?

Thanks a lot.


I have a small portfolio(66 images) and am also exclusive with DT
In two years,I have only sold 26 images.
My subject matter tends to be concentrated heavily on nature though.


I joined DT 40 days ago, on the same day as another microstock agency, and since then I've been gradually uploading practically the same photos on both sites. I don't want to express opinions but only facts: on the other agency I've made almost 20 sales so far, on DT only 1! My sensation as a newbye is that there is actually some problem here...


Have the same feeling, it is very bad to download the DT, sometimes really want to leave DT, however, spent a lot of time and energy on photographs, a little regret.


does anyone know if dt dropped some of their affiliates? Ive noticed I have had considerably less n/a sales since april, usually my infrequent sales are from a searched for keyword


referring to the approvals I can't complain, my average approval (since 2010) is 84,7% and the one of July 93,90%.. I have had only very rarely issues with DT coz of approval and this was more at the beginning, nowadays when an image is not approved I already know beforehand why and sometimes I am even surprised that an image gets approved coz myself I don't see it that good, and I have to add that I am exclusive so that I am paid for every accepted image..


same to me, april was bad, may the worst in two years, june began to improve a little bit and this july the best month since I began since 2010..


my sales went up again in juli, I can't complain for the moment :)


I think they (DT) are too picky in choosing images to accept. Another Stock agency I submit too has fantastic sales and they accept nearly everything I submit. I know there has been talk elsewhere of a possible DT collapse. I hope not, I am still a fan of DT. Hope they get their stuff together.


Sales and revenue are going down the last two quarters... maybe it is not statistically significant but a strong feeling or trend... I am not glad about this...


July12 is my BME both in downloads and revenue. I do worry about approval of photo's. It seems to me it is becoming a lottery.

Photos approved on CrxStock and iS (both known for their Digital Quality check) are rejected at DT. Which is the world upside down


I looked backed at my stats from last year and June and July where my worst months last year as they are this year. I have only been with DT for 2 years so I do not have a long data stream to work with but it seems that summer months are not as good for micro-stock as other months. Something about Europe taking long vacations in the summer? If the trend continues as predicted my sales should pick up starting next month and continue to rise through the end of the year. We will see...
My sales follow a predictable pattern, up from January to May, down June and July, up from August to November, down in December. It has been the same for the last 2 years in a row.


wish I knew what it was.. I have a small portfolio of 212 images but still only 15 sales and its really making me question being exclusive here as well. watching this blog with anticipation! I have had more accepted recently, and actually more sales in july, although with only 15 sales total that is not saying much.


totally agree with you, I've one small portfolio but i see the same difference...


My trend is positive. That's why I'm happy to be exclusive here.


I see a drop in sales and being exclusive makes me ask why I stay here.

I have been here since 2006 and as my portfolio grew so did sales till 2 months ago when sales were at the same level as 12 months ago and falling.

Sub sales do not help as there are so many more now.


Don't know what is wrong with our website, I don't get alerts. Anyway we have to make a new one, this sucks XD


I don't have anything to complain. I left exclusivity just 3 days ago and I am still selling the same numbers as before. Had great credit sales and if I were still exclusive this would have been my best month ever with over $150 (now at $139) for just 346 images. So no complaining here. I will still keep uploading to Dreamstime first before I upload to the rest. I am also a buyer and very pleased with Dreamstime. And since they have changed the search engine the results as from a buyers point of view are also MUCH better!


When you look at Minervastudios web site an internet threat alert comes up and its blocked. Does anybody else or the authors of this post know what's wrong here? David.


What can i a decent month for me regarding sales but unlike you i have a small port with at least 50% crappy images so for now i can't complain.Of course it could be better


Looking towards my BME this month but I'm exclusive so I don't have anything to compare too.


I'm on the border for leaving exclusivity for other sites which I already have accounts for (just with no files online)

I just keep saying to myself just give it a week or 2 and it will be back to normal. And it's not looking any better what so ever.


Seriously. I really want to know the reasons behind...


I started in March, and have 10 sales, and only 1 of them has been DT, and this was the site I was the most excited about. I finally was accepted into another agency (big one) and in the 2 days i have been a part of it, I have had 3 sales. I haven't been a part of DT for very long, but I have been focusing more on other agencies. I seem to be doing better elsewhere. I still hold out hope!


I know that it's summer, but even so I can't explain that ratio.
I mean, if I did 100 sales and DT did 20 it would be ok, but we're talking about numbers lower than 2%... That must be something that doesn't work properly. Let's find out what it is.

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