A service to find out where are your pictures

I found this awesome free utility on the web , TinEye

it can found your images on internet using their web crawler.

the uses are endless:

you can know where your photo is and if someone stole it for example...

I tried it with some Dreamstime pictures and it works!!

You can use the utility directly on their home page after signing up or download the plugin for Firefox or Internet Explorer.

If someone wanted to know where their pictures are used, now they can, Great!!!

Photo credits: Saporob.

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December 03, 2008


I have tried it and not much luck either. Got lots of 0 result from my search. Hopefully their database will grow or better yet, my pictures will grow so I can search them easier :)

December 02, 2008


then i must say this utility is relatively new and their database still little but with time it will grow

December 02, 2008


yes maybe you re right, i have tried it with most popular images, try to search yuri arcurs photo or some other best seller, when you ll be a best seller maybe you ll find your photos too :-)

December 02, 2008


Dear Roberto,

I have no luck with this search engine - I have tried many times and different images - still no result found!!!! I am not dummy with computers but I am stuck with this particular web and find it usless for myself......
Or maybe there is some secret tool how to operate that TinEye I am not awear of?

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