Set the logo on healthy foods and organically grown products

In accordance with the modern lifestyle nutritional care is nowadays one of the most pressing issues. Many people are concerned about how the organic foods you buy in the markets, which is treated, the kind of land is cultivated.

In addition, a very large community of people who feed exclusively vegan or vegetarian. In the market there is a very large number of products which are designed to vegan or vegetarian diet.

Inspired organically healthy food, healthy breeding I designed a series of logos and illustrations on the theme of healthy food. My portfolio contains many different illustrations, many I did and vector formats. I would like to introduce you to their works inspired healthy food.

Set of seals, logo food safety, vector

Illustration of organic food

Illustration of organic food, vector.

Set the logo of vegetarian food, vector

Illustration of organic food, vector

Set Logan organic food olives, vector

Set logo for organically grown food, vector.

Set logo for organically grown food, vector.

Set logo organic plant, vector

Set logo for organic foods, vector

Photo credits: Whitetqueen.

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May 23, 2016


Thank you.

May 18, 2016


Beautiful logos.

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