Setting goals

I think it is a given that setting goals is a good idea and helps to achieve success. By setting intermediate goals you keep yourself going in the short term, while building towards the long terms goals as well.

I'm happy to report that setting my own uploading goals has kept me going - and expanding my portfolio. With 1 sale short of 2000 sales and house renovations ahead of me I've set myself a goal of getting 50 shots online out of my renos. I'm off to a good start!

On a side note - if you need to drive screws and haven't tried an impact driver you're in for a surprise! It is the king of driving screws effortlessly!!!

Photo credits: Brad Calkins.

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August 12, 2009


I'm at 39 and counting! I decided to focus only on this goal until I complete it (rather than getting some other types of shots in the meantime). As a bonus - I'm at 100% acceptance so far on these shots.

August 12, 2009


Hi Brad
Great idea! I believe you will reach your goal as soon as possible!

August 11, 2009


Setting goals is always the way forward, some form of self-incentive to push you higher all the time.
The trouble with goals is if you set them too high and then end up demoralised because you would not be able to reach them. Goals should be high, but always realistic.

August 11, 2009


I wish I could take a trip out to Halifax - I haven't been there since '95!

August 06, 2009


Setting goals. I am by nature a "lazy" photographer. I do it at my convenience, which explains why I have such a small portfolio. lol.
Yes, I think I can certainly do with taking a piece of your advice.
In fact, I wish I were still living in Calgary , so I could simply phone you to come over with a crowbar to get me started on setting some goals to build a much much larger portfolio with Dreamstime, ha!ha!.

Any chance of you visiting Halifax?
If you do, bring a large crowbar, I need a lot a discipline, lol.

August 04, 2009


I advise you to take before during and after like this your goal will be 150 :))
Good luck. Cheers :)

August 04, 2009


Thanks for the words of encouragement!

August 04, 2009


Good luck, hope you get there soon. Paul
Bridging Loans

August 04, 2009


I fully agree - making goals is so useful... even to make small goals and step by step to make them "bigger". I wish you a good luck during making your goals!

August 04, 2009


pity my camera broke 2 weeks ago (at the technician as we speak) but will be following once it's back :) great images - good luck with your next goals!

August 04, 2009


Always good to set goals. Congrats, I am sure your 2000th sale will come very soon.

August 04, 2009


nice idea, I am sure you will achieve it.

August 03, 2009


Great idea! Good luck with the renovations :0)

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