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Reward road sign on the sky background.

Who would have believed a few months ago that I, a photographer without any training, would have reached over 100 photos accepted. The start of the journey was hard and after many refusals I wondered, (as many others have I am sure) if this was for me. I decided to take every criticism and use it to learn. Well all of the hard work paid off and now I can take a look back and walk tall. Now that I have reach the 100 goal, it is time for me to set the next one. To reach 250 by year end, and should I reach it sooner, we will just set a new one. To all beginners out there, it may be hard at first but like in life don't give up, set easy goals to start and once you reach them, they become their own reward.

Photo credits: Boris Shevchuk.
Martial Genest
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July 11, 2012

Keep working! Good luck


July 10, 2012

Keep it up, well done!


July 09, 2012

That's great, good luck.


July 08, 2012

I did the same as you on 27th April 2009 and have 2116 images on line........ but its quality that really counts not just numbers ......... some folk have 400 images and typically 8000 sales. David.


July 08, 2012

congratulations - reckon if you go on like on like you are doing so far it shouldn't be a problem to reach the 250 by end of the year - I will keep an eye on you ;) --- I like your work!