Sewing the past with future

This image belongs to "antique" category. It impresses me because it’s telling stories about my family.

Sewing machine

As a teenager in machinery school, I was dismounting everything. Most of those items were placed in learning category, meaning nobody will assemble them again. One item where I didn't have a liberty of such a careless approach was my mothers sewing machine.

My great grandmother got it as a gift. In the time when there were no major confections but people made the wardrobe all by themselves. And she was good at it. She sewed blouses, parts of folk costumes, pants of thick fabric… From fine fabrics to very thick ones. She did it all and all with love and success. When the Second world war happen and all the horrors came with it, the arson was common. She managed to hide and save it with some other very valuable objects. Later on, the machine traveled from hands of my grandmothers to my mothers, who uses it even today. For fine mending and for sewing the hardest possible pieces.

It lives for over one hundred years. And her beauty didn't fade a bit. She is as gorgeous and as irresistible as always. She hides the stories of love, dedication. War horror stories and fears. Tradition and love of ancestors. Believe in future and nostalgia for past times. One object managed to, through pure work and art, connect many destinies, many different times, many silences, past and future so elegantly, so easy, so still that I hoped to capture with this photo. How can one be successful in showing all of this in one photo? Easy. One needs to look deep into the parts of object touched by many hands, young and old, bold and fearful, gentile and harsh. One needs to see beyond borders of shapes, beyond material boundaries and search for all the pieces of love people who worked with it, shared. We all leave our stamp, our mark, in the things we use. Specially if we use it with love and passion. And they live inside the object, giving it the endless shine and need for all the people who will meet it to admire it. We can capture the pure essence of admiration only by looking deep into the object’s story and even though we might not know all the facts, we will be able to feel them if we look with our hearts. And it's how they live in future.

Photo credits: Nikola Jankovic.

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December 12, 2017


This is a very nice post and reminds me of my childhood. My grandmother was a seamstress, my mother also. And I have a sewing machine now, trying to learn as much as I can from this.

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