Sexy pictures of waiting (just an accidencial idea how to make a model look sexy)

Sometimes photographer has a model in studio who needs to look sexy on a picture. Each uses his own trick how to achieve it. Compliments to a model and telling her stories may help. For some models it's enough to "drop" face and let photographer build an emotion geometrically - eyes here, mouth there, nose to the left, no smile, please ;))) Or we need to ask a model imagine something. The question is WHAT to imagine?

Recently surfing around DT I came across this image , which caught my eye. I saved the link and continued to surf, but soon returned. Once, twice, three times... The image is very simple, a man in a suit. But there was something catching about it. Soon I understood that this man in a suit just looked very sexy. In the artists portfolio this image is among the most popullar - so, I am not the only attracted person :). I clicked on the icon and checked the title. "Customer waiting". Near appeared some other images on this subject. For ex.

"Waiting room", which also caught my eye.

Don't think I am a maniac :)

Of course the attractiveness of these pictures has to do a lot with the artists' skills and models' charisma. But at that moment I began to get curious about "waiting" as emotion. It came in my mind that sexuality has a lot to do with expectations and waiting. So I explored the "waiting" search and digged out some more of interesting files:

© Roza

Probably others will see these pictures differently and find them in no way sexy. Many people, many opinions.

It just came to my mind that in some cases for a good picture we could replace an emotion which is hard to perform into another, easier everyday emotion. For ex. it's much easier for a model to imagine that she is impatiently waiting for a bus or a person than present herself as "sexbomb", but on a picture it may look the same. Probably we should explore some other every day emotions by which we could replace the ones which are difficult to explain or can embarrace the model. Fear in some cases can also look like passion, and suspicion with a light one-side smile - like cooking someone's heart before eating...

Photo credits: Thomas Johns, Gbphotostock, Ijansempoi, Linqong, Desislava Vasileva, Msphotographic, Raytags, Roza.

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July 30, 2009


Thanks for using my photo for your blog. Actually, this was a test shot that I gambled on uploading. It was a good gamble because it sells well several places.

July 30, 2009


Hi! Nice article, Thanks for using my photo in your blog! (Waiting at ther bus stop).


July 30, 2009


Hey, thanks for using my photo in your blog! :) My "waiting" was a real waiting ... I was watching out of window to my husband coming to take me as his wife! But I didn't know I was sexy :)))

July 29, 2009


That cat is pretty sexy!

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