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For me, finding something worth taking a picture of is a re-occurring kind of passion.

Driving over the road with-in the USA allows me many opportunities to stop somewhere and take a few. Generally I enjoy taking snapshots of Natural scenery and animals as well as landscapes, waterways and all similar things. There is a lot of beauty out there to behold and often I have a desire to bring a little piece of it home with me, in the form of yet another photograph. I am also a strong supporter of all things that ensure we help keep our environment safe and beautiful for future generations to come. It all goes hand in hand I think.

As I am not a pro photographer I am not sure in what way I might ever contribute photographic information anyone else could benefit from, however at times it seems my camera and photographs are teaching me. I have found it helpful to review each photograph carefully , looking for artifact's that should not be with-in the photograph. Such as not using a Flash correctly or perhaps trying out full camera Manual and mis adjusting any of the various independent settings.

When any of my friends comment positively on some photograph I have , I say thanks but the camera did it! I just watched. Well, ok I pressed the button , but my camera is smarter than I am when its comes to handling the visual end of things.

Visit my website Shadowchasers Realm if you have time. It's a personal web-site and offers information about the camera I use and other photography, hobby related information.

See ya around the web continuum.


Photo credits: Vasyl Helevachuk.

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