Share funny or "sticky" situation you had to get that "perfect" shot.

I was reading someone elses blog and he commented on running for his camera and sitting in the morning dew with disheveled hair to get that perfect shot of a skink on a rock sunning herself.

It got me to thinking how often I'll be flying down an old dirt road and I spot the perfect shot. Slamming on my breaks and doing a Uey, to go back and pull my camera out and start clicking.

I take my camera pretty well everywhere I go - so opportunities pop up quite often. Maybe you stayed too long and got yourself in a bad situation. Maybe you got too up close and personal with an animal or bug. Maybe you stepped in something when you weren't watching your steps.

Tell my your story, embarassing, funny or "sticky"

Let's have some fun.

Photo credits: Leah Smith.

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September 27, 2011


I was doing a Trash the Dress session and I had the bride laying in a sexy pose on the rocks on the beach. I was shooting away when all of a sudden a huge wave came and literally carried her off the rock and plonked her in the water. Of course I kept shooting and got the whole thing, including her drenched expression at the end. Thankfully she was a great girl with a fantastic sense of humour and loved those shots the best.

September 26, 2011


That proves the old saying about photographers "don't leave your camera at home"

September 26, 2011


Do NOT,NOT,NOT surprise geese at night with a flash.....

 Sebastopol Geese at Twilight 

September 26, 2011


Ahh reminds me of the time I was so involved taking photos in the snow and missed a crack in the ice and down I went up to my hip into the crack. Didn't hurt myself and kept my camera in once piece, but made me more careful!

September 26, 2011


Had to go snowshoeing with my husband for this shot

   Snow Shoeing into the Sunset    Let's just say I didn't know how to snowshoe and I'm not the most graceful of people on the planet. FREEZING cold day north of the arctic circle. Spent most of my day face first in snow drifts .... but was worth it to be able to look up and capture this.

September 26, 2011


Great tree photo! I´m curious of the stories ... I´m sure there will be some very funny ones from the photographers!!! :D

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