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Sharing the house with 2 of my best models

This will be an interesting and funny post, you will see why I am saying this. :)

It is not an usual post, maybe it is not a real post at all, but from my love for them resulted this.

Meet my favorite and my beloved models:

Blue eyes ragdoll cat beautiful white female cat

Cat at the window British shorthair silver tabby Whiskas cat

The white cat is Mina, as you can see she is a blue eyes cat, 2 years and a half old, Rag-doll Blue Bi-color, with Pedigree.

Her nose has a cute little black spot and because of that when she was a kitten, we called her Raspberry Muffin, also because of the fluffiness. Adorable and angelic face but she is the boss of the house.

The other cat's name is Toby, a 4 years and a half male, British Short Hair Silver Tabby :) very, but very intelligent cat that is so connected with me and understands my feelings most of the time, better then a human does. He knows when I am in pain and he is a true healer.

[ Mina and Toby meet Dreamstime / Dreamstime meet my furry kids :D ]

You can not imagine how it is when I want to shoot pictures using the photo cube. It is a marathon: install the cube, switch all the lights on, put the subject for shooting but, meanwhile one of my cat is already in the cube over my subject, so... take the cat out, re order the subject, clean the fur, take the camera in hands well,... what do you know... the other cat is there and he is chewing the light cable, so, ... start again! :))

Curiosity is their thing but this is what they have in common with us.

Cat silhouette standing curious on hind legs at the window

Even if they can be annoying I like my "assistants" in the same room with me, even if I give up to shoot photos that I wanted to take on first and I start to shot my cats, they do anything else avoiding looking at the camera.

But I consider them as my kids and I know how to make them to pay attention to me.

Also, a shutter speed starting at 1/500 is very helpful. You can use an external flash but depends on the cat, most of them turn their had away. I recommend the use of natural light as more as you can.

Cat relaxing in sun rays Ragdoll Breed Pedigree

ISO depends on how much light you have but an ISO 100 is the best for Manual Mode. When I take a close up of a cat I like to use f/2.8 to obtain beautiful bokeh. When I shoot full body it is good to use a f/4, f/5.6, the light helps you decide which one is the perfect one.

As lenses in these photos I used several types wide, all around, long lens (tele) , macro depending on the space that I had.

Cat's eye macro close up british shorthair silver tabby

Do not forget to put the focus point on eyes (single point) or on tip of the nose. Use Continuous Auto-focus (AI Servo for Canon) and High Speed Continuous Shooting (Burst Mode), to increase the chance to take the perfect photo. :)

Blue eyes female Ragdoll cat banner

A secret is to snap photos of them, in their favorite places and not to force them to stay in one place. Cats are attracted by food, of course :), noise or toys.

It is not hard to be creative when you take pet photos, because they are a source of inspiration. It is easy with cats, they create many beautiful moments, you just have to be ready not to miss it.

We all know that the cats concurred the internet, I hope mine also will bring love and relaxation in your hearts because they are very loving cats and like to share they positive vibes.

I hope this post will bring a smile on your face in this cold winter days.

Ragdoll cat and mouse toy blue eyes white cat

If you have a pet, go now and take amazing pictures, because time with them is short.

Male cat serious British shorthair silver tabby

Meow (a.k. a. "Thank you") and High Paw (H5) to you!

Paw Print Color

Photo credits: Alexandra Barbu.

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January 28, 2018


nice cats :)

January 27, 2018


Indeed, cats are amazing, love your photo "Cat sitting and its shadow". All this photos worth more by the fact that they are great memories captured for life.

January 27, 2018


They are so cute! :) I also have a Rag-doll cat, approximately the same age but male though. My favorite model but it does not sell on stock so not too much pictures of him on DT. You have captured great moments! :)

January 22, 2018


Thank you, the cats did all the hard work! :)

January 21, 2018


Great images! I can never get my cat to sit still to get a really good closeup. Nice work.

January 21, 2018


Nice blog...and cute cats... :)

December 15, 2017


Thank you very much, I am humbled by all your kind words!

December 13, 2017


The white one is so so cute and looks like she loves to pose. The other one is cute to and I like the macro on his eye. I like the way you wrote the blog :D

December 13, 2017


They are so cute, I hope you will have great sales with photos of them. The deserve to be on magazine cover :D and the article was fun to read.

December 12, 2017


Thank you! :D

December 12, 2017


Excellent model !

December 11, 2017


Maybe one day, a cute cat will find a home with you.

December 10, 2017


I don't own cats my own so I find my models always on the streets... :-)

December 06, 2017


Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ionescucristian88! I just saw the message, it did not appeared until now even if I see you posted 2 days ago.

December 05, 2017


Thank you! :)

December 05, 2017


Nice cats :)

December 04, 2017


I love cats to and even have 2 of them :D. I will follow your advice with the settings. Mine don't really stay to calm for photos :( . Your models are really cute. Gave you Like and Useful because u deserve it.

December 04, 2017


Thank you for your nice words!

December 04, 2017


Very good and inspiring tips.

December 04, 2017


Adorable cats!

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