Sharing my exciting experience on my assignment.

ON my first submission picture of the Toad enjoying the Ipod were rejected because of the image contains elements that might be protected by copyright/trademark (logos, brands, specific buildings etc.).I could't find any logo or trademark on the picture therefore i start to delete every function button leaving just the screen and earpieces.

Hurray it got approve !, but only manage to stay in the assignment for a day before it been spotted again by our admin explaining it's still design recognizable as Ipod.

Apple must have design patterned it. So finally time is running out, look like my Toad have to abandon the Ipod............Feel so sorry.!!!

From this experience not only logo, trademark but when a product or branding are popular. They may have their design pattern too.This mistake should not repeat by other, many Thanks for the advise from the admin that spotted my mistake.

Here is my latest version, hopefully my Toad will not be spotted for attitude problem. (Angry Toad)

Photo credits: Yap Kee Chan.

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