Sharing my experience with 100 images online

Dear friends,

I joined DT in May 2014 with 8 images online in the initial period. I was new to stock photography and didn't know much technicalities, so somehow, my enthusiasm faded over time. A few rejected images also made me down.

However, I had a new camera in June 2016 and renewed interest in photography. I read books, blogs, magazines, and experimented with the lenses... And tried again... And wow! My 98 images have been accepted within last 50 days (to be exact, 52 days!), with total 106 images online! I have also become an exclusive contributor to DT!

So, I thought, let me share my experience with newbies; many of them may be new to stock photography world and may be facing rejections... But persistence does give reward! :-)

Of course, I am learning and want to learn more... With time, I am becoming more versatile and trying with different subjects... Most importantly, I am enjoying being with DT and interacting with friends and admins on DT!!!

Let me share a few of my images...

An Energetic Female House Sparrow...

Female Indian House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) sitting on a Branch

A Woman looking at Infinity of the Ocean...

A woman looking at infinite horizon on a bright sunny day at a seashore

A Tree Silhouette against an Evening Sky

A Tree Silhouette with Background of Cloudy Sky in Evening

A Desert Background...

Desert background

Water Droplets on a Leaf

Water Droplets on a Leaf

Hope you would like my efforts... I would definitely love to hear from you... :-)

Photo credits: Parin Parmar.



Your article must be written in English



Thank you Rambus... :-)


Your comment is a moral booster just like me a new bee on DT am 2 weeks old. Great pics you have.


Thank you very much Teriztdh!! All the best to you too... :-)


Beautiful portfolio and congrats ! All the best too and am sure you will do well with your beautiful collection ! :)


Thank you Bjfirestorm!! Hoping for the same!!! :-)


Great images. You should do very well here.


Thanks a lot Onime...


Great picts. congrats.


Thank you for your wishes Yorgy67! That one is one of my favorites also... :-)
@Bhabotoshchakraborty... Yes, hopeful for sales in future and hope to get better with time... Will surely reply you... You can also drop an email to me...


i see some of very good image in your portfolio which will give you good sales in future.I send you 1 image about my personal problem if possible then reply


Wishing you sales to come soon! Liked your leaves with raindrops.


Thank you Generalul2015!


nice picture :)


Thank you Danoliveira84... Agree... :-)


Great pictures Parinmnpammar... Knowledge makes us grow and meet a new world


Thank you Moravaldes!


nice pics


Thank you Patrick57!! Agree with you - learning is always important...


You have some good pics Parinmnparmar. We share a similar beginners experience but with a better camera and learning the technologies I am finding it very enjoyable trying to improve. Good luck!


Thank you Truthservant... :-)


Congrats! and good luck!

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