Shark (as) on the plate - Dreamstime

I stayed at surface longer than others. My guide solved some technical problem on the equipment, so I didn

Wobbegong shark was lying at a depth of 10 meters on hard coral as on the plate. I prepared the camera except cutlery and approached the shark close at hand. I looked directly into the sharks mouth overgrown by prehistoric flounces while he watched my lens.

Evidently I have disturbed it. While on other occasions this kind of shark is very calm and divers at all ignores, now after each firing of lightning it stirred. So I took just three frames and left nervous six-foot long creature having more rest.

Photo credits: Petr Zamecnik.

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August 16, 2013


Yeah. It´s good to have a good guide with :-).

August 16, 2013


Yeah, most people swim around eager to find interresting things and miss it all...

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