Sharpness with Photoshop

It is a method to increase the sharpness, only on the edges, without creating a deterioration on the darker areas or full color.

We bring our photograph on Photoshop and select the channels panel.

Deselect all the channels, except green and duplicate.

We go on> Filters> Stylize> Find Edges. The image will be like a drawing, showing only the edges. Now press ctrl + I to invert. It's like I created a mask (black areas), while the edges are white.

Let's go to> Filter> Other> Maximum that allows you to increase or decrease the edges of our mask in question.

Set the radius you desire, I set 2, it is very important to remember the value of the radius.

Now we go on> Filter> Noise> Median. This filter has the function to smooth the edges, so do not ever put a value that exceeds 4. In my example I set 2.

Now go on> Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur. Now we set the value of the radius, what I had put in "Maximus," which was 2.

Now back on the channels panel and premiamio ctrl + click, starting the selection of areas. Activate visibility on the RGB channel and return on the layers panel. Last step is> Filter> Sharpen> Unsharp Mask, set the desired values. I personally never put (in general) a factor of over 100, radius a maximum of 3, the threshold between 0-1-2-3.

If you want to see the initial difference, with the end result, before setting the unsharp mask, duplicate the layer, to have a point of reference and see the before and after.

Panorama of tropea

sea of calabria

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and return useful!

Photo credits: FabioConcetta.

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Thank you very much!


Very interesting and helpful blog. Thank you.


Ok, thanks!


Great info - I will try this!!! Thank you.


Thank you!


nice article Fabio :)


Not at all Dipalipix, thank tou!


Thanks for the tips!


Thank you Pepebaeza!


Thank you Fabio, very useful


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This is a really interesting article! Thanks thanks thanks! I use Nik Collection and Piccure +


Sorry, I copied the text in Italian while having translated! I have now changed the ultimate answer!
I thank you for the comment! Even the plugin Topaz Labs are very beautiful, I got them for a little while. I usually imposed from 100 to 2.7 or 2.4 with a value between 0 and 3. I never had any problems for the acceptance of photographs with these values.


Really interesting tutorial and very explanatory, do not wait to be able to carry on my new photos. I mostly use the clarity sharpness in camera raw after necessary changes on the raw file, such as shadows, exposure, light and temperature. Then in photoshop using unsharp mask, amount 130% Radius 1.3 Threshold 2. These settings use them for landscapes. Then also use the nik collection and sns hdr. I also recommend you try the Topazlabs plugins that work well.


Thanks for the comment, I see now that you are using this software! Programs that use other than my Photoshop are: PTGui for Stichting SNS HDR and HDR Efex the best programs for HDR, and all of Nik collections programs!


Really useful and interesting, I immediately tried your suggestion. Thank you! If you like I'm using a very interesting software (Piccure +)


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Very useful, thank you!


I saw your portfolio is very nice, for the sense of composition and atmosphere created! I thank you for your positive opinion!


Nice blog. I marked it useful.
Visit my blog too if you are interested. Have a wonderful day ahead.

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