Shi-ku garden in China (1)

The shi-ku Garden in China is known as "the first ancient cultural relic of China" by the Chinese modern celebrities -- Kang youwei.

The shi-ku in the shi-ku mountains of baoji where its were unearthed. East of yin-xiang river, the south depends on jifeng mountain --Qinling mountain Peak, the west see downtown, the north overlooking the wei river.

The shi-ku Garden in China was promoted to national AAAA tourist attraction of china in 2014.

I was shot two in the shi-ku Garden .Thanks for you view ,and i will be hardworking , if you have good idea , please dropped the hint!

Thank you !

Shi-ku Garden in China NO.1 stone carving

Shi-ku Garden in China NO.2 stone carving

Photo credits: Xin He.

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