Shocking news ?

I plodded along for the last 9 months reaching about 520 images on line and selling at up to about $2 per image but suddenly tonight my income shot up by $26 for a single image entitled ' Making an investment in shares '. To say I was shocked is an understatement.

The image earned me 50 credits as a W-EL allowing up to 10,000 electronic copies [ if I understand the rules correctly ].

I was pleased enough yesterday when I resubmitted an image of fresh spring tulips entitled ' Wedding invitation ' with text removed as required by the Editors. As soon as it went on line and before it had any viewings it sold for about $2 and 30 cents.

So in addition to the ' course in commercial photography' provided by Dreamstime there are moments of unexpected excitement. Thank you Dreamstime.

Photo credits: David Watmough.

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Congratulations! Very encouraging.


Wow! Excellent sale! It's really a great surprise, I had it once but on the other site and I remember my shock and excitement)


Congratulations! Excellent surprise ;)


You have a BEAUTIFUL portfolio! Surely, this is just the beginning of many more fabulous sales!


Cool! That is very exciting! Congratulations!


That's fantastic! Very well done :)


Wow, how exciting. I'm happy for you, David!


Congratulations!I know the feeling :)


That is exciting! I sold an extended print license and stumbled across my image in a calendar at an airport - so you never know where you will find it :)


Hello David... & I like your image Money down the drain!
Actually I don't see mine with the filter on so I don't know how you can see it passed the censor!?!
Cheers ;)


Dear Kelly thank you. I like your image entitled ' allow same sex marriage '


Congratulations! Do you know, I have been on here for YEARS, and I have never sold a license. :-( I think that is a really good indication that your images are GREAT! Now the question is, where will you find your picture? Where will it turn up? You will definitely have to be on the look out for it since it could appear in any city in the world! How exciting for you. Congratulations!!!


Mani I love your erotic Euro coin................surprise is that it passed the censors. David.


WOW big congrats also! Great images ;)

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