Shoot the wind ...

Old Cricket Bat

In the month of September, I decided to give photography a go. Armed with my modest fujifilm - I took random shots of my surroundings (like a tourist, lol); you need to know the limitations of your camera before you embark on a photo shoot. I quickly learnt that there was a whole new language in the world of photography: noise, negative space, stock oriented images and so on. I went to research these concepts and started to understand what make a good image. Refused files came with critiques - that was a great recipe for better images. As a result my first photo upload has happened. Starting to feel like an image taker ;-) Having difficulty loading pic, oops!

Photo credits: Irihodgson.

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November 03, 2014


A big thank you ...

November 03, 2014



First picture is always special!

November 02, 2014


Yes you can learn a lot from this place... feel free to ask for help.

October 31, 2014


Yes, this site is a valuable learning curve. Woohoo!

October 31, 2014


This is a very good learning place for starter like me and like you. Never give up. You will love this place if you Love learn. Keep going. Cheers.. :)

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