Shooting in the Alps

The photograph of alpine landscapes requires, in addition to photography skills, a certain passion for hiking and for the mountains.

Some locations are easily accessible by car or by cableway. Often, though, you need to walk for hours, in conditions of fatigue and of difficulties that sometimes reach extreme levels.

Be careful and not overdo: life is worth more than a picture!

There are wonderful photographs that depict the classic places of the Alps, the most known views.

There are also shots that show the true essence of the mountain; these are not like those of advertising because they capture the hidden and remote, less attractive to tourists.

.... but perhaps, now, even the tourists love the charm of the hidden places, of the unusual things, of the unknown. Isn't it?

Wonderful Alps

Alpine hut covered with snow

Alpine frozen pond

Rural village in winter

Frozen river

Photo credits: Gherzak.
  • Gherzak

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February 08, 2015

The Alps are great!


February 08, 2015

Thanks to all. it is true, the Alps are wonderful, in every place and in every season!


February 08, 2015

Beautiful mountains !


February 07, 2015

Aha, great Alps! The image is very beautiful!


February 07, 2015

Better than mountains can be only ... mountains,where you haven't been yet... The Alps are great, regardless of season!


February 06, 2015

I LOVE the Alps too - it can be such a peaceful place and for a photographer a paradise