Shooting cats

Cats are one of the hardest subjects to photograph. To do this, you need a cat or more, and very important, patience, a lot of patience.

The happy cat family

If you want to capture a certain scene, well thought before shooting, you must have a good relation with the cat, and the cat must cooperate, which is practically impossible.

So, better prepare you camera, make all the settings on it and follow carefully the cat actions. Of course, you must have a lot of time.

Cat on a table - RAW format

With patience you can capture wonderful pictures and amazing scenes which reflect the real nature and beauty of cats.

Try different angles, try to be on their level, try to close-up, try to capture details and attitudes of the subject, try everything.

Cat portrait

If the cats are black, patience and self-control are mandatory.

On the fur of a black cat, when you will look carefully at the picture on the computer screen, you will see dozen of dust motes and hair, of course all shining. Certainly, you will spend some time to correct that in Photoshop or other software.

Black cat sleeping

With luck, from dozen of pictures, you will choose one or two, but I guarantee that you will be satisfied.

And don’t forget to show us your work!.

Black cat - RAW format

Photo credits: Canaris, Remus Grigore.
Remus Grigore
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  • Obiectiv
  • Bucharest, Romania

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September 03, 2014

Angelaostafichuk, with patience can be amazing


September 03, 2014

Cute! Cats can be tricky animals to shoot, I know my mom's seem to be camera shy!


September 01, 2014

A1977, added in my collection


August 31, 2014

a grey tabby resting in the sun



August 31, 2014

Totally agree with the author of this blog. But they are so lovely and cute that I actually can't stand from shooting them :-)
Here is my best friend and model :-)


August 31, 2014

Good work!

They can be tricky to photograph - dogs are much easier.

I have a few cats in my port - here are a few:

   Bengal cat with stunning green eyes   
   Image not available or id is incorrect.   
   Black and white cat   


August 30, 2014

Like :-)
The great thing with cats - Loving yet independent!


August 28, 2014

Thanks for posting! Love the photos :-)


August 28, 2014

I like cats ! So beautiful images !