Shooting editorial

Hi ;)

Today I'd like to share why I like to shoot editorials.

Editorial can be any sort of meaningful event image - national holidays celebration, parade, sports game or show programme, sometimes - a landmark with people or just a street scene typical for some place.

This sort of images can't be used in adverticement, but this I'd say is their only minus. The rest are just pluces, because:

- Editorial images make portfolio more diverse.

- They let you upload people's portraits without having model release.

- Sometimes you can get a 5$ reward for news-worthy image.

- Editorials are reviewed faster than others.

- And have good sales potencial, due to uniqueness of events. Microstocks are not flooded with same sort of editorial images the way they are flooded let's say with business concepts, food or isolated objects where the competition is really tough and it's hard to get visible in search no matter how good or bad your picture is.

- After approval editorial pictures are for a while showed on first page which in general gives your portfolio better explosure.

Photo credits: Julia161.

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June 29, 2010


I also started with editorial images for a number of reasons listed above: no model release, priority review, 5$ per every news-worthy image. every week/day something interesting happening in dublin, so I refuse to go out without a camera:)

May 18, 2010


Editorial it`s a great challenge! I recently understood what really means editorial pictures, so I began to upload my editorial pictures from the north of Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Their are great, only one problem though : when I shoot them I was not in the stock business, so many of them I can not upload :( But still I could choose about 10 or more :)
Congrats on your option !

May 17, 2010


I too find that its interesting to browse through editorial pics than the other categories.

May 12, 2010


Interesting article! Thanks.

May 12, 2010


Hi, Brad. Thank you for the link. Very funny article ;)

May 12, 2010


I do not mind about editorials. It s not my major interesting area but it does not mean that I will not shoot. shoot as many as you can but do not forget, stock photography is not editorials !

May 12, 2010


Here is an intersting article about someone doing what you aren't supposed to do with a licensed editorial photo - on purpose! They were made to stop, but after getting it in front of millions of eyes...

Time Square Ad

May 12, 2010


curious you are talking about Editorial.. funny yesterday took a few pope pictures were in Portugal, I guess more than 3 hours standing, but I guess they aren't that newsworthy so no 5$.. :P

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