I shoot many editorials, and I used RAW format very rare for that, due to several reasons.

My logic was that I need to shoot many pictures of the same event, so I would have many photos and JPG format suits better for than because files are smaller. Another reason was that people normally shoot RAW because they do a lot of editing which is very limited with regard to editorial photos.

Last week in Moscow was full of events related to 70th anniversary of Victory Day celebrations in 1941-1945 war, and I decided to try shooting RAW taking into account that this event is too important to make any mistakes while shooting it, and I want good photos of these events for my personal archive.

Actually I discovered that I was wrong earlier not using RAW format for events.

In particular, I came to conclusions that:

- shooting events in RAW is similar to shooting using a film camera (in a good way, I mean). Though I take fewer photos in general, I take less similar photos, so I have more different ones. This is positive in many ways, for example, very similar photos will not be accepted by Dreamstime anyway;

- if lighting conditions are poor, RAW files are more “flexible” than JPGs in terms of potential lighting corrections;

- the quality of the picture itself is definitely better – it’s cleared and more realistic, I would say. This is important for me when I shoot editorials as I want my photos to reflect the event in a real way, not in “magical”, “fairy” “retro” or smth.

- the last, but not least – all files I submitted for review are approved by Dreamstime! 100 % approval – WOW! And I have a possibility to upload RAW files additionally together with JPGs already online.

I know that my thoughts on RAW are nothing new, but I decided to share them hoping that they might be useful for those Dreamstime colleagues who has not tried this format for editorials yet – I would definitely recommend to get this experience!

Ekaterina Bykova

Airplanes in the sky make 70 number - anniversary of Victory day (1945-2015)

Victory Day celebration in Moscow.

Women in red hats sing war song on Theater Square in Moscow.

War veteran man portrait. He smiles and looks ar camera.

Portraits of veterans in frames put on a table.

View of Theater Square and Bolshoy Theater.

Photo credits: Ekaterina Bykova.

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I shoot in both. RAW gives you greater control and higher control. But then again it hinges on your software skills a lot. Occasionally, I do find the jpg generated by the camera to be good enough.


Only RAW for a TOP quality images. Single RAW file is like a stack of JPGs. Happy shooting:)


Thank you all for your feedback and opinions shared!!!! I really appreciate that!


Great photos, Ms. Bykova. I've always submitted photos in JPEG format, not having seen the option to do so in RAW. I have the option to do so in Addition to JPEG, but not JUST RAW. Guess I'll have to look around on my other submissions.

I really like the shot of the two women and the closeup on the gentleman. Good composure and nice colors.



For the last ~3 years I"m shooting only RAW. When the memory cards and HD discs are so low I can't think about missing a shot due to lack of space. With LR the editing and exporting is so easy it only make sense to shoot this way.

Before that I used to shoot RAW+jpg, now that I upgraded my PC and the processing is so fasr I neglected the jpgs.


You are right, even if I tend to shoot JPG in these days. Not because I'm lazy editing each shot, but my eyes are getting a bit old and I can't spend much time looking at the monitor!


That's great! I am always using RAW format shooting.

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