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Shooting inanimate objects

Here's something totally new for me. As I've been looking around Dreamstime I can't help notice some really amazing stock photos. Simple things like shots of brick walls, phones, keyboards, etc. These are things I've never played with shooting before.

After looking around last week I decided to take myself out into the rocks and take some "object" photos. Recently my favorite Cams were on sale (climbing gear) and they're really colorful. I thought they might make a good stock photo or two.

Walking around through the boulder fields of the Granite Dells I found a good spot with lighting I was happy with, and proceeded to shoot my gear. No climbing that day, just lugging a heavy pack full of stuff for a fun photo or two. And amazingly enough, some came out pretty good! This morning I had a few accepts for the photos. Nice.

Thanks to everyone out there for all the great "object" shots. I definitely have a lot to learn in that area, but it's something to toy with every time I shoot now.

Photo credits: Richard Charpentier, Raja Rc.

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October 28, 2007


remember to clone out the brands! sometimes which is really cumbersome haha!

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