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Why anybody who is into video making business gets my full respect ...

OK , i got a Nikon D7000 some time ago and i knew it takes nice videos but since I am mostly interested in pictures I didn't care that much about the video aspect of the camera .

About 2 weeks ago I decided that I will try out the video features and decided that I should make a video clip of how I make stock photos . So far so good. I set up some balanced hot lights and pressed the record button -

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and exactly at that time I realized that I somewhat have nothing to say ... Started talking and immediately after that I started stuttering.. after some 20 minutes of recording myself and about 50 times restarting of what I am saying I stopped the video recording and decided ... Oh it should be fine I should be able to reedit the clip and It will be fine - forget it ! First for some strange for me at that time reason I was most of the time not in focus , the lens hunted for the right focus spot and while doing that you could only hear the focusing ring moving but not what I am saying. So this clip was useless .

Second day of shooting I got the focus right and set exposure , WB and ISO manually and I had no problems with those , however I learned another important lesson - I need a script ! - Why would you need a script you think - well I don't know if everybody does but I needed it because I was talking and shooting random parts of my clip and it came out that I cant use anything out of those second day clips because they were so random .

3rd day I got the script but another problem became obvious - I shot some clips , and moved the lights around and shot some more and then move the lights again - anyway I assembled those in some order and i realized that this video clip looked very very strange and unnatural because of the light changes . So I took 2 days of from my shooting site and thought about how should I proceed .

It was 5 days since I started some very simple project of making 10 minutes video clip of how I shoot stock photography and now thinking about it maybe in those 5 days I could have taken at least 20 , 30 pictures that I could have already gotten approved but I couldn't stop and be defeated.

Day 6 - I got up and I was full of new ideas of how should I shoot everything and be finally done - almost everything that I recorded that day was moved to my unusable folder as well because of various reasons - in some of the clips I didn't speak and explained enough ( realizing that I decided I will fix it with recording the sound afterwords and synch it - which proved to be so much effort that after I have recorded and synched about 45 seconds of video it was time to go to bed - 2 AM ) , weird looking lightning , somewhat underexposed clip .

After taking another day off I finally got the grips of it and I recorded my small intro speech - 10 seconds ( off course I never realized it but for that I had to download some teleprompter software for my ipad and set it up , mount the tablet so I can look into the camera and read from it etc ... ). I downloaded some trial 30 day editing software but It was so complicated to use that at the end I started using another one that was somewhat easier .

On the ninth day I was able after about 2 hours to shoot my first part of my clip and it was about 4 minutes long after all the cutting and pasting that I did . I was finally getting the grips of it and I was able to shoot sections of my script - they actually looked OK and were usable bits of footage .

In the next days I shot all of what I wanted to and assemble it but I have to admit my second software was still to complicated so I switched to a third one . Then I made a little intro with a free plugin and reedit the whole clip over and over again so it became a little less static and more entertaining . Today I am actually uploading it to YouTube and it took 4 hours to finish.

So looking at it now it took me about 14 days to create an OK looking video clip that is 10 minutes long, about 25 hours of editing and 72 GB of useable and useless video and photo files , about 3GB downloads and I took the time to watch around 50 tutorial video clips on YouTube . So now I understand a little bit better what a video production really is and how hard it is to make - that is why everybody that does any aspect of this for living gets my full respect .

Here is the result - Video clip - reach me at - @cookingstock on Twitter or

Photo credits: James Steidl, Hywit Dimyadi.

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August 07, 2011


Great video, Nice studio.

August 07, 2011


Good video, congratulations!!!

August 06, 2011


Good video clip and good home studio.

August 06, 2011


Thank you !

August 06, 2011


Great video! Well done.

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