Shooting noctilucent clouds...

Noctilucent (mesospheric) clouds represent especial kind of athmospheric phenomena. In contrast to 'normal' clouds they are located in upper atmosphere (mesosphere) at altitudes about 80 kilometers, which is almost space. Noctilucent clouds can be visible in a deep twilight in the summer months at latitudes between 50

And the most beautiful case took place at midnight between June 18 and 19, 2010. I noticed clouds at 11 p.m. out of my window. It was just fantastic show! Very tender silver-like net (that's why in Russia we call them 'silvery clouds') occupied almost half of sky at the north.

Definitely, I wanted to take shot. But my place is not so far from the Moscow center and area is typical for city (buildings, trees, streetlights etc.). So, I have to spent about 1 hr running with camera and tripod here and there, looking for an open place with a wide view on the sky show. I was in hurry knowing that noctilucent clouds may disappear at any moment suddenly just within 10-20 minutes. Finally, I found a point in 3 km from my flat, at railway station and was in time to take several shots.

Lately I uploaded two of them on DT and they were accepted:

More on noctilucent clouds in wikipedia.

Photo credits: , Igor Sokalski.

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It happens sometimes. But extremely rarely. Even being at 56 I see it not each year... In 2010 they appeared only twice in Moscow.


Amazing! No way to see this beauty at 45° North?


Nice shots and blog. If you didn't explain it, I wouldn't even know there is this type of clouds.


Cos' we all are different, Art. And everybody knows something that others do not :-)


Again, Igor, you have taught me something I didn't know. Those are really nice photos!



Wow, those are great images! Wishing you many, many sales on them!


Wow, great blog, thanks for sharing and the photos are great!


Great images, thanks for sharing.


I know what you mean, I’ve seen them once.
But I couldn’t take photos of it at that time.
For being in such a hurry, you’ve made very nice images!
Doing a search on DT for ‘noctilucent clouds’, only a few images were showing up.
So I wish you good luck with the sales too…

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