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Shooting in RAW

I have been told that shooting in RAW for every single photo is a good habit and worth to do. I usually takes photo with JPEG Fine and it works pretty good but consider to change to RAW since the quality requirement from stock agencys is getting more and more high nowadays. The thing is change to RAW will bring me extra costs and time to deal with. I have to buy software which can process RAW files and spend more time to convert RAW to JPEG, also a space issue can be occur since RAW file need much more space than JPEG. And, I dont think save file in RAW is safe because of the software version, maybe in the VERY future you will find that you can not open those RAW files since there is no suitabel or compatible software can open for. So, is it worth to go especially for microstocks?

And, I just curious to know how many DTers here shooting their photo in RAW format in every single photot?

© Shaja

Photo credits: Shaja.

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December 15, 2008


Thanks for all you guys helpful comments here. I will start shoot in both RAW and JPEG now just like you guys suggested.

December 13, 2008


I shoot RAW, love being able to adjust and correct in this format. And, like Creativei, store on a terabyte external hard drive which is both practical and cost effective.

December 12, 2008


Well I shoot most of my images now in RAW, earlier I used to shoot only jpeg, very recently i started using raw, Well these days storage is not an issue, I have one terabyte external harddrive which comes very cheap.

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