Shooting Your Own Kids (With a Camera, Not a Gun)

So, I'm curious how many of us "Non-Professional" Microstockers take and sell pictures of our own kids. I classify myself as a "Non-Professional" simply because I have a real job and only get to do this on the side as a hobby. I truly love it, but just can't devote all my time to it.

I do love taking pictures of my kids, though. Most of them are simply snapshots (albeit, pretty good snapshots IMHO), but occasionally there are some really nice images that also have Stock potential. I guess having kids running around doing photogenic stuff is sort of like having a built in modelling agency.

Sort of . . .

Ben O.

Photo credits: Ben O'neal.

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March 02, 2010


Fultonsphoto - that's a great shot. I like his "angry" face.

March 01, 2010


Great feeling isn't it?! Nice shots :)

March 01, 2010


I enroll family and friends, they make pretty good models :-)

March 01, 2010


I use my son as my sole model (for now) and he loves seeing his images online :0) He makes a pretty good model as well, this is my fav image where I asked him to show an angry face...

 Angry young child 

March 01, 2010


My grandkids love it and I love taking the pictures, so for now it works!

March 01, 2010


Children are a true source of inspiration. Well done!

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