Shopping Frenzy *MY VERY FIRST TIME of joining the ON ASSIGNMENT

So this is it!!!

Finally I have a huge courage to joining the 'On Assignment' competition.

After several days of working, I finally sending 9 images.

It is not about to win, but mostly about the awesome feeling in MY VERY FIRST TIME OF JOINING.

And what makes me feel so happy is that 3 images of my 'on assignment' images have been downloaded during the subsmissions time.

That's feel so 'wow!!'

So please, Let me take you to feel every joy..

Feel the joy of drawing...

Feel the joy of trully happy shopping...

Feel the richness of the colorful art...

Feel the happy face of buying everything you want in Sale Season....

Wish me luck, dear all..

Please Enjoy and don

warmest regards,


Shopaholic Girl

Magical Shopping

Woman over shopping concept

Super Shopping

Overload Shopping

Enjoying Sale

Happy shopping woman

Happy Shopping

Woman driving car after shopping

Photo credits: Mariayunira.
  • Mariayunira
"Ladies & gentlemen..
The room is ready.
The tables are set.
The band is playing Dreamstime theme song.
And the waiting staff are preparing to take your orders.
Very Welcome to my portfolio, fit for royalty, and that's what you are to me."

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January 11, 2015

To FabioConcetta: Thank you so much, please enjoy ^_^


January 11, 2015

To Wxh6763 : Thank you so much for the compliments ^_^


January 08, 2015

Nice illustrations, very good work!


January 08, 2015

Good pictures! Congratulation!


January 08, 2015

To Rhbabiak13: Thank you so much.. Yes, it´s trully hardwork to make them similar to the real objects. But yeah it still taste so fun! ^__^


January 07, 2015

Awesome! Looks like you put a lot of hard work into those.